Thank You McDermott Cues!!!!!!!!!

From the hearts of all the members of the Gulf Coast Billiards Association of Jackson County,

we wish to express our warmest gratitude for your kindness. Following a very difficult time, you have

given us a ray of hope in starting anew. It is difficult to express our thankfulness. Things of monetary

value seem petty, and words do not say enough. With much thought, we would like to present you

with a gift of sentimental value from our league; our Traveling Trophy.

At the end of each season, we present captains plaques, sportsmanship plaques, and sponsorship

plaques. We award trophies to our top male and female players, and to the top five ranked teams. The

Traveling Trophy is then presented to the number one ranked team. It is placed in their sponsoring

establishment for the duration of the next season. It has been with our league since our first season in

1997, and carries on it the names of the winning teams of each season. It is always displayed with great


For the first time since the league began, our league will not be able to complete a season due

to Hurricane Katrina. Without a winning team, we do not feel that it is appropriate for the trophy to be

displayed in any single sponsoring establishment.

With the exceptional gift you have given us, the members of the G.C.B.A.J.C. feel that you

are the champion of champions. We have proudly placed your name as the final entry on our Traveling


This symbolizes the end of an era, and the beginning of a new and better era. In the early

months of 2006, we will begin a new season with new McDermott cues, a new Traveling Trophy, and

new hope for a better tomorrow.

Again, thank you for your tremendous act of kindness. You will forever be in our hearts.

Gulf Coast Billiards Association of Jackson County

© 2005 Gulf Coast Billiards Association of Jackson County, All rights reserved.