In the begining

This league started in the mid '90s, exact date is not really known. At that time there was about 6-8 teams shooting out of a few establishments around the Gautier - Ocean Springs area. The name of the league was therefore known as the Gautier / Ocean Springs Pool League. After a few years ~ around 1999 and 2000, the league grew into Pascagoula and Moss Point. The name no longer sufficed and was changed to the Gulf Coast Billiards Association of Jackson County.


The league always considered the establishments as local sponsors and appreciated the hospitality bestowed to us from the managers and owners. As the league grew in size, Budweiser came on board to help support us and the local community. After a catastrophic disaster, "KATRINA", Budweiser was instumental in keeping this league afloat. Another sponsor, McDermott Handcrafted Cues, also stepped up to assit those in need. McDermott donated over 91 pool cues to our league members and stated that we spend our money to rebuild our homes, while they provided the tools needed for our league.

Remembered Forever

Budweiser and McDermott will always be remembered for their Benevolent generosity. Our old traveling trophy was retired and a new trophy was born, "The McDermott Cues Award" with "Budweiser" at the very top!!! To always signify where we came from and what they have done for us!!!


Today we continue to enjoy the sport of Billiards, some with our McDermott cues... We look forward to expanding our league to interact with other Gulf Coast Billiard Leagues in hopes to extend a friendly but competative hand of fellowship!!!